Luboa Hut

· Dear Friends & Guests ·

We are leaving...

We decided to do something new :-)
Luboa-Hut was for more than 19 years our life! We met lots of people and not a few of them become real good friends! We enjoyed it very much and we are very thankful.

In the meantime our kids Bell and Khun grew up and we want to be there for them and this means being on the mainland, even it was a hard decicion to leave this beautiful island and give up the (temporarily) home for our guest.

We are sure you will understand us and find a new place to stay on Koh Pu / Koh Jum

We are still using the same telephone number and email address, so we can stay in touch...

· Thank You ·

Ann & Nut & Luboa-Hut Team

And by the way

Ann's sister Awo and husband Frank are running the LUBOA-CAFE in Koh Jum Village.
So come along during your next stay...

*NEW* Luboa-Café

Coffeeshop in Koh Jum Village

Take a ride to the main village - it takes 20 minutes.
Best coffee, breakfast, sandwiches and more are waiting for you.

November to March - 8:30AM to 4:30PM